Our magazine printed Oct. 30 and 50,000 copies are on their way to Pittsburgh teens!


Target audience: Teens and families
Published: Monthly in print
Circulation: 50,000
Distribution: iGeneration Youth is available free of charge to Pittsburgh schools, libraries and youth-related organizations


  • iGeneration Youth provides teens with topical, trustworthy, in-depth information about subjects they say they are interested in like school success as well as those in which they are not so well informed such as financial management and health.
  • iGeneration Youth stories offer necessary supporting information such as maps, definitions and “who’s who among newsmakers” in order to provide context to young readers who may lack orienting background information.
  • iGeneration Youth consciously reports on stories about those trying to make change and provides information on how teens can get involved in order to combat negative feelings associated with news and to make news a springboard for talk, action and change.
  • iGeneration Youth loves stories highlighting people, places and things that deserve to be the center of attention, but frequently aren’t.