About Us

Vision. Talent. Innovation.

Young people are frequently the first to identify new demands, novel techniques or fresh approaches that can transform an industry. Yet, despite the fact that many youths have both the talent and capability to create something fantastic, they aren’t often given a chance. Among them, aspiring writers, artists and would-be entrepreneurs sit idling, waiting for opportunities in an always-distant future. At iGeneration Youth, we want to change that.

Driven by a passionate quest to provide a way for today’s young creatives to showcase their talent, we created iGeneration Youth. Our global team of young writers, photographers, illustrators and comics artists works under the direction of seasoned journalists, visual artists, graphic designers and content strategists, all of whom share a passion for storytelling. By tackling real-world, high-profile business problems, students hone their creative talent while strengthening their skills in leadership, strategic management and team development.

Mission statement

  • We provide high-level level training, professional work experience and high-profile publishing opportunities to students with a serious interest in a writing- or arts-related career.
  • We produce the highest-quality editorial content for companies with youth-related products, services, ideas or messages.