A competitive magazine-production apprenticeship program

Students who demonstrate near-professional-level skills in writing or visual arts gain challenging and diverse opportunities to grow artistically, professionally, and personally. Youth showcase their talents and exercise their entrepreneurial get-up-and-go by producing magazines and special projects. Admission is competitive.

Our wordsmiths weave smart ideas, deep research, compelling storytelling, and impeccable writing into engaging stories for their peers.

Visual Storytelling

Whether our artists express a story as an illustration, video, animation, photo essay, comics strip, or mobile game, this team brings our stories to life and makes our content pop.

STE(A)M Learning

Storytellers, STEM students, and makers collaborate across disciplines to invent novel storytelling formats that meet the needs, interests, and capabilities of young audiences.


Students grapple with traditional news companies’ needs for strategic innovation in areas of content development, audience engagement, and advertising.


• Individualized and group instruction from industry veterans.

• Opportunity to produce a robust portfolio of published work.

• Work with a global team of likeminded peers.

What To Expect

The level of time students spend on iGeneration Youth activities depends on their individual goals. As a general rule, we suggest allocating a minimum of six to 10 hours per week to be successful.

Students also rotate between five business teams: advertising, communications, marketing, recruiting, and social media.

Minimum Weekly Commitment

• Three 1-hour incubator meetings

• Three 1-hour business team meetings

• One lecture in student’s area of interest

Ready To Apply?

We accept applications for our incubator program on a rolling basis. Work examples are required. Shortlisted students will be invited for a video interview. Before receiving a final offer of admission, all candidates enroll in a 90-day introductory period during which they must complete three assignments on deadline.

After 90 days, we pay students on a per-assignment basis.